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success stories like these are the reason we work so hard!!!
We love hearing from people who have adopted animals through EBARR and how their new lives are together. Below are letters and/or email sent from people who have adopted pets from EBARR.

If you have a success story and/or picture you'd
like to share with us, sent it to animalrescue@ebarr.org


Hi Volunteers at EBARR,

We just wanted to let you know that "Frieda", now known as "Fufina", is truly the best dog ever! She adapted so quickly to our crazy household and has all of us in stiches with her playfullness and adorable ways. She loves the car and travels to work with me every day, picks up the kids at school, plays ball and sock and fetch the bone every evening. Thank you for rescueing her and spending the money to remove her mammary tumours and 13 of her teeth. She is an amazing dog!

Here are some photos of her for you, enjoy!




I wanted to let you know how Lucia has been doing.

Her first day with us was slow to stary but she found he safe spot under the bed. She had me worried for a bit cuase she wouldn't eat. but i was able to draw her out when i was gone i would leave toys 1 -2 a day in different spots in the room to see is she was coming out when i was asleep or at work. before i new it she had taken all the toys under the bed to her safe spot. I've refered to this as her nesting.

As of today i i have been able to hold her, pet her and play. She is adjusting much faster than i expected. The picture are from tonght. she has decided that she likes the cursor on the computer so i'm thinking that i will one of those laser pointer toys for next. She is so full of energy. and is more a little love bug than i thought she would be.

Thank you so much for letting me adopt her. she has been one wonderful happy moment after the next. she is still a bit skittish but with time i think most of the will go way. She seems to okay with my dad but still runs from my mom.

Thank you again. she is a great fit in our family.
P.S She has not had any tummy problems so far.
Thanks again,

Lisa & Lucia

I wanted to let you folks know how much I am enjoying the little black male kitten I adopted last weekend at the Martinez Peddler's Faire! He's just adorable and is getting along fine with my other 3 cats. I appreciate that organizations like yours do a tremendous service to these wonderful orphaned animals and help to place them in homes such as mine (this one was my fourth rescue adoption). Keep up the great work!
Thanks, Kathy



I first laid my eyes on "Eliza" now known as Diamond at All Bay Animal Hospital when I came into work. She is the most energetic little bundle of joy. And the Camacho family is so happy to have her apart of this family. We love her so much and is happy that our first dog Meeko and her and lovers. Thank you so much EBARR for all the hard work you do. You made this family complete. God Bless.

The Camacho Family


Fritz has brought so much enjoyment into our lives and I can't imagine waking up and him not being there. He follows me and my daughter everywhere and pats us on the leg when we walk by if we don't acknowledge him. He truly is one of the sweetest cats that I have had and he just loves attention. My daughter often wakes up and finds him wrapped around her head. When she moves, he moves with her. Thank you for rescuing him and making him available for adoption.

Jean, Sarah and Jillian


Thank you so much Billie for finding Joe and nurturing him back to health.

Joe Patou still likes sleeping under the stars rather than on "his" leather family room couch at night. He loves massages and although he is pushing 110 lb, Joe thinks he is a lap dog. He is quite the gardener. He "plants" stolen socks and treats in the vegetable garden beds. He is a warm, soft and playful guy who is loved by all who meet him.

We feel blessed to have become part of Joe's life and look forward to the many years ahead.

Thank you EBARR.
May 2012 be blessed with good health, love, laughter and many success stories.

Lynnette and Craig


Hi There,

We adopted Lemon, then Betty, from EBARR only a couple weeks ago. Since, she has brought such joy into our lives. Not a day goes by where we don't laugh at something she does or be thankful for what a great dog we have. We stumbled upon the EBARR event on-line and just went to "look", not knowing we would walk away with a new addition to our family. Lemon has been the best dog in every way. She has a larger than life personality, is very smart and is a huge cuddler. We could not be more thankful that your organization not only saved her life but allowed us the honor of adopting her. We will return to EBARR when it is time to adopt a brother or sister for Lemon. Thank you for all that you do! :)

Aly, Tyson & Lemon


This is the photo that will appear in Pet Food Express as part of its My Mutt program. Moose is a terrific dog and is doing great in his forever home.

Sheldon and Jennifer


Dear the Wonderful People at EBARR,

We adopted Austin (formerly Benny) from you back in October '09. He has been an outstanding addition to our family. He has taken to sleeping in the bedroom like a duck to water. He is such an obedient and loving dog. One of his favorite things to do is go for a ride. We took him up to Lake Tahoe with us a few weeks ago and we all had a blast. We really appreciate what you are doing with homeless pets and will be getting all our future animals from your dedicated organization. We know it's a labor of love for everyone involved. Keep us up to date with all your events. We would also love to allow the three brothers (Bruno, Brutus, and Benny) to meet again.

Thank You,

Lily & Rosie

We love them tremendously, and they are such a delight for us. We've named Lily Colby, after the town in Maine, and Rosie is Sable. These are the first shots--they move very fast!

I just referred our cat sitter to you, as her mother wants to adopt a kitten. I was urging adopting siblings, of course--I think it's easier, as they entertain each other, as well as everyone else.

Thanks for everything, and happy holidays--


Hi Ray...

I just wanted to tell you Brutus is absolutely awesome! He's a really good dog. We're having a great time with him....he's doing good with the potty training, and he already will fetch a ball! Here's some pics of him.... Thanks so much! He's a perfect fit/addition to our family!

Take care


Hi there,

Just wanted to give you an update on a dog we adopted from you all last year around September/October (I can't really remember now). Her name is Gracie and she's a Stafforshire Terrier/Boxer mix, brindle in color, and we first saw her at a pet adoption fair in Marin. I just wanted you to know how well she's doing and how much of a loving member of the family she's become to us. We all just adore her - she's learning so much and has really assimilated well to our lifestyle. She's traveled up to Portland and to the San Joaquin Valley for visits, as well as travels quite frequently to Santa Cruz and the beach in SF. She's gets along pretty well with most dogs (her best friend is an English Bulldog) and is great with visitors and kids. She's just super sweet and she comes when called and is walking much better on a leash (with a lot of consistant training).

Thanks again for helping us find her. We love her so much and we're so glad we attended the pet fair that day.

Jarred & Chester

Hi Ray,

My family adopted two kittens from your organization about a month ago. One was an orange male named Tigger and the other also a male gray and white named Reggie. They are awesome! Our other cats have been great with them and they are growing like crazy. We did change their names…Reggie is now Jarred and Tigger is now Chester. We love them a lot and they have enriched our lives in innumerable ways. They are both very affectionate and playful and our 5-yr-old son totally adores them and the relationship is mutual. They play together all the time. Thank you for getting us together with the perfect pair of kittens for our family.

Kasey & Leo

Hi Ray and Cynthia,

We took some pictures today of Leo and Kasey (we re-named Patsy after Taylor's childhood dog).... Kasey and Leo get along very well, we think Leo is actually in kitty love with her.

Enjoy the pics!

Jasmine & Bandit

Hi Ray,

Great seeing you and the rest of EBARR at the NB Festival. Jasmine and Bandit are both doing great. Here are some pictures for you!



Ray & Cynthia,

We wanted to thank you for our newest addition to our family! We were all very surprised when we adopted an adult cat instead of a kitten as we had originally planned. I've always heard that the animal picks you, you don't pick the animal but I never believed it until now! Mia is great with the kids and the dog and has brought so much joy to our home. Thank you so much for all of your wonderful work saving so many animals.

The Lindsey Family


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