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So, You Want to Adopt?

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Adoption Process

1. Find Your Pet

Click the "Available Cats and Kittens" or "Available Dogs and Puppies" buttons above to view our available rescue animals. Locate the pet you want to adopt.

Before you even inquire about our rescue animals, we are busy providing housing, nutrition, preventative, health care, acute health care, training, enrichment, socialization, and love to each of them. Before being adopted your rescue animal will have been: altered (desexed); microchipped; vaccinated (based on age/type); and treated for fleas, ticks, and intestinal worms.

2. Fill out an Application

Once you've found a rescue animal you're interested in, please fill out an application. The information in the application is required to ensure that we find the most suitable forever home for each of our rescue animals. Please fill out the form completely, then email the application to us at

Scroll to the bottom of this page for links to areas of our website containing the application, payment information, etc. that is specific to each type of animal we rescue. 

3. Wait for Approval

You will receive an approval message from EBARR. Once you receive this message, read the attached adoption agreement. It is critical that you understand the information in this agreement before paying your deposit.

NOTE: The adoption agreement will be filled out on adoption day, signed by you, and signed by an EBARR representative. We will absolutely hold you to its conditions as they are in the best interest of the animal.

4. Take Part in a Meet and Greet

Meet and greets are normally held at our adoption events, currently twice each month. Your foster will arrange the specific meeting time and date directly with you. See our "News | Events" subpage for more information. It is highly recommended that all members of your household attend the meet and greet in order for the foster to assess all interactions with the rescue animal.

Once you attend the meet and greet, pay the non-refundable $50.00 deposit on the applicable page of our website. NOTE: This deposit must be received by EBARR within 12 hours of approval notification in order to secure "pre-adoption" status for your new family member.

5. Prepare your Home

Prepare your home for your new arrival. Purchase supplies needed. Consult with your foster to see what was specific supplied are currently being used (bed, litter box, food, toys, bowls, etc.). Make sure to set up a safe room for your new pet as they will need to spend time decompressing there and getting used to their new homes, families, and other pet friends.

6. Pick up Your Pet

You can pick up your new pet once it is ready to adopt. Timing will vary based on type, age, and condition of the rescue animal. Your rescue animal's foster will notify you via email to arrange the specific East Bay location, date, and time. Transfer of ownership is not complete until the adoption agreement has been properly executed; and the outstanding adoption fee balance has been received by EBARR.

When you pick up your pet, you will receive copy of the executed agreement along with a document explaining what to expect in regards to: the animal settling in at his/her new home, medical record transfer, microchip registration, etc.

Adoption FAQ

  • Q - Why should I adopt from EBARR?

    The better question is why wouldn't you? We are the highest quality animal adoption organization in the East Bay Area and we pride ourselves on the quality of the adoption experience we provide, not the quantity of adoptions we complete. We are professionals because our animals and potential adopters deserve it!

  • Q - What does your adoption fee for dogs/puppies cover?

    Dogs and puppies receive the following items before they are available for adoption: (1) spay or neuter with pain medication for 5 days after surgery and recovery time; (2) flea treatment; (3) intestinal parasite exam; (4) de-worming; (5) age-appropriate vaccinations, including bordetella and influenza; (6) blood parasite exam and prevention; (7) microchip; (8) free checkup and remaining vaccinations required for the first year, as long as you use our veterinarian; (9) heartworm test at first examination at our vet; and (10) treatment for any medical issues that are necessary before an adoption can take place.

  • Q - What does your cat/kitten adoption fee cover?

    Cats and kittens receive the following items before they are available for adoption: (1) spay or neuter with 5-days pain medication; (2) flea treatment; (3) intestinal parasite exam; (4) de-worming; (5) age-appropriate vaccinations (6) microchip; (7) free checkup and remaining vaccinations required for the first year, as long as you use our veterinarian; and (8) treatment for any medical issues that are necessary before any adoption takes place.

  • Q - Does EBARR offer any advice or consultation concerning my animal that I recently adopted?

    Yes, simply call or email us and one of our representatives will get back to you as soon as possible. Our contact information is located at the bottom of every page on this website.

  • Q - How much is your adoption fee for an animal?

    Cats are $150.00 (including a microchip) and Kittens are $200 (including a microchip). Dogs are $325.00 (including a microchip) and puppies are $400.00 (including a microchip). The fee can vary depending on whether any extra veterinary care that some animals may require. All of our dogs and puppies now receive the influenza vaccine.

  • Q - How do I see an animal in person?

    Come to one of our weekend adoption sites, however, it is recommended that you email us to make sure the animal will be present for a particular event. Please keep in mind that not all animals are at our adoption sites and if interested in a particular animal, you should call or email ahead of time to verify the animal will be there. In certain circumstances, a meet and greet can be arranged with the foster family. Please contact us for more information.

  • Q - Does EBARR have a shelter I can visit?

    No, EBARR is a foster-based rescue organization. This means that all of our rescue animals are personally cared for by fosters and behavioralists. Our address is for mail only.

  • Q - How do I return an animal that I adopted from EBARR?

    Call or email us if you wish to surrender an animal you adopted from our organization. We make every effort to accept the return of adopted animals; however, many factors have to be considered before our organization can make a decision. Please be patient. We don't always have immediate access to email or voice mails. Generally, someone will contact you within 2 days. You have a responsibility to keep the animal safe and cared for until we can take possession as is specified in the agreement you signed at the time of adoption. Please remember, you agreed to adopt this animal for the duration of its life. We expect an adopter to provide a safe, loving, and committed environment for the animal. People experience all types of life changes and challenges. We expect the adopter to view the animal as family and unconditionally provide a home for that animal for life.

Dogs and Puppies

Known as man's best friend, dogs will provide your family with a loyal companion.

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Cats and Kittens

Fiercely independent, curious, and loyal... felines make a wonderful addition to any home.

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Special Needs and Adult Cat Program

You won't be disappointed offering your home to a special needs animal or a cat in our adult program.

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