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Sponsored By Alyssa Thompson

Thank you, Alyssa Thompson, for sponsoring Endsley before she was posted.

Endsley came to us as a momma of a litter. She was noticed due to what looked like a deformed mouth. Initially, we made sure she was out of pain, and trust me.....she is as feral as they come. Her kittens were soon weaned, and it was her turn to figure out what was going on.

She was diagnosed with a pretty large very painful Rodent Ulcer on her bottom jaw and her bottom jaw was in fact deformed.

We got her treatment and found out that the ulcer could come back. No one felt good about releasing her back to where she came from knowing she could eventually be in pain.

She moved into Cattio 1 and eventually to Cattio 2 after it was built. She is a snarky feral that keeps to herself and loves to hang out on the top of the cat trees.