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Sponsored By Karin Carlson

Herman is about 5 years young. He is WAYYYYYYY too young to be experiencing the medical issues he is.

When he was confiscated by Animal Services, he was suffering with:

Severe tooth decay and disease

He had chronic inflation

He was severely matted

And he was drooling all over.

Now after 21 teeth were taken out, the infection dealt with, inflammation going down and a nice shave: he feels much better. He still has a few ulcers in his mouth, but we are working on them.

Herman has a bit more healing to do and an adopter for this guy could be one in a million.

So, in the meantime, we are looking for a sponsor for him.

Sponsoring Herman at 30.00 a month can do wonders for us. Let us know if you would like to sponsor this guy, Herman.