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Sponsored By The Lord Family

Oleena is a 15-year-old gal who found herself scrounging for food at the Concord Safeway.

She has a menagerie of health issues and found herself on the list to be possibly euthanized. This was not a shelter failure, she probably just lived her whole life as a stray and the years caught up with her.

The likelihood she would get adopted at the shelter is slim, so she ended up in need.

I am not convinced she was not a dump job, maybe just one who never had a home.

Every old gal deserves a comfortable life especially when they are slowing down.

We are looking for a long-term sponsor for her. If you are interested in being Olenna's sponsor, just message us.

Commitment is 30.00 per month hopefully long-term. This helps us house, feed, and take care of her.