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Sponsored By The Soto Family: Alex, Pepper and Dexter

Owl is 6 years old.

Beautiful big-eyed tabby, who sits up in her penthouse in the cat room and watches every move anyone makes.

Owl is what we call a weirdo. She has a very quirky personality that is 1/2 loving (only if you touch her in the right place on the right day) and traumatized girl. She really does not like the other cats in the room, and usually sticks to herself and watches.

Sometimes one of the others get jealous of her penthouse and attempts to kick her off her perch, she needs me to make things right as she is not aggressive towards the other cats, in fact, she usually runs and hides out, and often screams.

Again, nothing spectacular about this fur kids story; but she is very hard to place due to her extreme anxiety.

We would love Owl to have a sponsor. This is a perfect way to provide for a particular cat, without having to bring it home. Win/win for all.