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Sponsored By Karin Carlson

Age unknown - over 10 years

Came from a hoarding house in Oakley.

Many rescues assisted with this house over the years, however, there were some left behind and the house was sold. We were informed the seller would be "Getting rid," of the cats by any means necessary.

Salazar was the meanest of the bunch, he would stare at us just waiting for us to get close to shred our hands. He was trapped after many many many nights and brought home to cattio 1.

He busted out and spent a year in the backyard, but would sit outside of the cattio and interact with the other cats. One day, I got lucky and was able to catch him and move him into cattio 2.

I have never ever been able to touch him until now.

Here he is living his best life and we have Jasper to thank for it. (Jasper's story to follow).

Salazar is being sponsored by Karin Carlson. This is a perfect way to provide for a particular cat, without having to bring it home. Win/win for all.

Salazar's sponsor fee per month is just 30.00.